Reel Mood’s Exciting Teaser Video Shows Off New Live Music Platform

There are big things happening at Reel Mood right now, that we can’t wait to announce to you in full. One of the things that we are excited to unveil to the world is our official platform, which will bring to fruition everything mentioned in our post where we explained to you what Reel Mood is all about.

Reel Mood will be about providing an experience for users like no other, with the seamless integration of cryptocurrency as the platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain. The ability to earn crypto and trade crypto all while watching and performing live streams on the same platform demonstrates the uniqueness of what we are bringing to the marketplace compared to everything else in the industry.

High-quality videos (up to 4K) and original and curated on-demand content will be staples of the platform and with the opportunity for fans to engage in the live content — the opportunity for community building with Reel Mood is extremely high. For music artists that are looking to showcase their talents to the world and connect with their audience directly as well as monetize their content — getting involved with the Reel Mood platform is a no-brainer.

Reel Mood is the first music live stream platform. And we’re here to change the game.

Our latest video provides a sneak peek into what the platform is all about and what you can expect later this year when we launch our beta release.

You can watch the full video here:

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Reel Mood

Reel Mood is a live streaming platform for musicians and entertainers that rewards users and streamers using Blockchain technology |