Arlissa Shows Off Her Silky Smooth Vocals In ‘The Devil You Know’

Arlissa’s latest video takes you on a soulful journey of self-discovery and introspection and shows her captivating range as an artist

When you look in the artist landscape you always notice a few artists who clearly stand out talent-wise. Talent that you know will only become more and more recognized as time goes on because it is simply, undeniable.

Arlissa is one of these artists.

With a voice as smooth as silk, you don’t need to listen to more than a few songs to know that she truly has a voice that you could hear over and over and not get tired of.

Her release of —The Devil You Know’ is an example of this talent showcased. A beautiful song to make you reflect on life and the choices that you’ve made in it. The lyrics and melodies are filled with emotion and substance to hit you right in the depths of your soul.

Stepping into the unknown brings many challenges and struggles and for many of us, whether it’s with relationships, careers, personal growth, or otherwise, we can get comfortable in our situation rather than go out and go for better because it’s easier for us to do so. The journey to escape the darkness is hard however the lyrics of Arlissa offer a deep reminder that sometimes, it’s better to let go of the thoughts, people, and ideas that hold you back so you can move forward.

The visuals help to perfectly illustrate the images created in the music. Introspective, relaxed yet thought-provoking. The atmosphere created by the location is peaceful, yet melancholy. The feel of the whole video reflects life in the sense that sometimes we need to be alone in our own thoughts and do the inward work, alone, to face our demons.

This is truly an artistic piece of music that highlights the soulful essence of Arlissa and makes you excited to hear more from her. She is one artist you should definitely have on your radar for the future.

You can watch the full video for ‘The Devil You Know’ below:

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