Blackpink Announce New Movie For 5th Anniversary With ‘4+1 Project’ Video

‘BLACKPINK THE MOVIE’ will be released in Korea on August 4th and worldwide in the months to follow

The supergroup Blackpink are widely known as the biggest girl band in K-pop right now. Since their debut in August 2016, they have taken Korea (and the world) by storm.

Their reputation only grew worldwide when they featured in a Netflix documentary in 2020 which was titled Blackpink: Light Up the Sky, which gave an in-depth look at each of the members of the band — Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa.

After the success of the documentary, for their 5 year anniversary, they have decided to take things a giant step forward and take them to the big screen in their first global feature film which is aptly titled — ‘BLACKPINK THE MOVIE’.

The film will be released in Korea on August 4th and then will be screened in over 100 countries in the coming months. Their management company YG mentioned that the release dates for each country would be announced at a later date.

The movie has been announced as part of Blackpink’s ‘4+1 Project’ and designed as a way to give back to the fans for their support for the band’s success over the years.

In a statement from their PR company, when asked about what the film was about they said:

“In the flick, the four members will take a trip down memory lane. The movie will also feature various photos of the singers as well as their special interviews.”

Other information released about the film is that there will be different segments such as Memories Room, which is where footage will be shared about their rise to fame. Other segments include Beauty, which focuses on the personalities of the four members; and Undisclosed Special Interview, which will feature brand new interview footage from the band.

As you’ve also guessed, there will be music from the band featured in the movie also. In addition will be edited versions of the group’s previous performances, including Blackpink: The Show.

You can watch the announcement video here:

And more can be seen regarding the movie and project here —

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