Celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Month With Reel Mood’s ‘Pride Party’ Playlist

Let the good vibes commence with our playlist celebrating artists in the LGBTQIA+ Community

Pride Month is a special time of enjoyment and inclusion. It’s a time to celebrate the LGTBQIA+ community and show solidarity in the face of discrimination and marginalization against all in said community.

Music is one key area where it’s important to promote visibility to all, as quality music is quality music no matter the artist or musician it originated from.

Inclusion is important in our society, and recognizing all the positive achievements, especially those in the LGTBQIA+, is necessary.

At Reel Mood, we take the inclusion of all sorts equally important and want to show our support to all artists, especially those in the LGTBQIA+ community.

In support of Pride Month, we have curated a special playlist which we have titled — the ‘Pride Party’ Playlist’. The playlist features talented artists from the LGTBQIA+ community such as Demi Lovato to Miley Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Janelle Monae, and many more.

Listen to this playlist at your parties, in the gym, driving to work in the car, or on the way to work/school because as we’ve mentioned above, good music is good music.

We trust that this playlist will be the backdrop of your Pride Month vibes for June and beyond (as it’s a pretty good listen if we say so ourselves).

You can find the Spotify playlist here:

You can also listen to more of our Spotify playlists here.

Below are links to organizations that provide further support to the LGTBQIA+ community in the music industry. Check them out!

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