Eve and Trina Make History With Epic VERZUZ Battle

The two legendary rappers Trina and Eve went back to back playing their biggest hits in the latest VERZUZ battle.

The VERZUZ platform has been an important platform for showcasing music from the past and the present, with several artists being involved in various music battles which have been viewed by millions of people worldwide.

VERZUZ has been used as a medium to build bridges between artists, just as much as it has been for playing music for the purposes of entertainment.

Previous VERZUZ battles have included Jeezy vs Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz vs Rick Ross, Nelly vs Ludacris, SWV vs Xscape, T-Pain vs Lil Jon, Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole, Snoop Dogg vs (the late) DMX, and many others.

One thing which has been undeniable is the entertainment factor of these battles. The clashes normally bring high energy from both artists and the music on display always gives the fans of either or both artists a show, going down a catalog of hits and memorable songs to bring anyone to their feet to recite along.

Eve vs Trina

The latest battle on the VERZUZ platform was between the two legendary female rappers, Eve and Trina.

Both artists built a name for themselves for their images — both boisterous, confident, in-your-face, and unapologetic. No surprise that the two women are widely regarded as two pioneers in the music game and two iconic rappers of any genre.

Each rapper with gold plaques to their names and more classic songs and quotables than you can count and the match up of the two against each other was put together absolutely perfectly.

The VERZUS battle was held live in London (where Eve was) and Miami (where Trina was) on the 17th of June and looked like an absolute movie in every sense of the word. With special guests, exciting performances, and even dancers involved, you definitely don’t want to miss out on checking this show out.

You can watch a free official replay of the stream here:

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