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Jun 4, 2021

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Announcing The ‘Reel Hot Summer’ Campaign At Reel Mood

Announcing the start of our ‘Reel Hot Summer’ marketing campaign

Summer is a time for enjoyment. It’s a season for feeling good, relaxation, and creating experiences that you will never forget. While everyone makes the most of their time in the sun, over here at Reel Mood things are only heating up with the launch of our exciting new campaign — The Reel Hot Summer campaign.

You might be wondering what The Reel Hot Summer is all about. It’s more than just a catchy phrase, this campaign has several different phases — each equally more electrifying for our audiences and the campaign also gives you many opportunities to be involved in what is happening at Reel Mood, leading up to the official global launch of our platform.

Below is a timeline roadmap into the Reel Hot Summer phases. Along with the roadmap will be a brief explanation of what’s to come this summer.

We will reveal the top contenders of our Reel Mood content festival and the #Top100 content creators from our 1st ever music content festival.

This summer you’ll get to meet and see our most influential Influencers and Artists through our Partnership program.

To participate in the public sale, we will be conducting a whitelist pre-sign with strict country guidelines and restrictions. Please be on the lookout for a list of sanctioned countries. In addition, our official Public Sale date will be announced via all of our community channels and social pages.

We will be announcing the reveal date for our Beta platform and also our Reel Mood wallet, which will soon be available in the app stores.

Our Public Sale goes live, allowing you to get involved in an innovative and exciting platform.

The Reel Mood wallet will officially go live for you to download on Android and the iOS app stores.

Our beta platform will be released and along with the release will be the revealing of the very first Reel Mood artist partners.

Our content festival will go live on the Reel Mood platform and along with this, we will announce the winners who submitted their entries.

* More information will be released about all of these phases when they are individually announced.

There’s a lot to come from Reel Mood this summer and for the rest of 2021 also. Along the way, we will share exclusives for our audience, content, music playlists, and more.

Speaking of playlists, we’ve put together the official ‘Reel Hot Summer’ playlist on Spotify featuring the hottest tunes for this Summer.

You can listen to the playlist here:

As far as campaigns go, this will be unlike anything that you have seen before. You will definitely want to keep up to date with everything that happens as soon as it’s announced. With that being said, make sure that you follow Reel Mood on all of our social media accounts so you don’t miss anything.


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If you want to enjoy your Summer, then why not make it a Reel Hot Summer!

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