Artists Get Paid Streaming Live With Reel Mood

Reel Mood is here for you to watch and perform live streams, all while getting paid in cryptocurrency. Find out how, here.

What Is Reel Mood?

Reel Mood is an innovative live streaming platform built on blockchain technology. Our purpose is to allow entertainers from all over to be able to broadcast content directly from our platform — be it live videos or videos that have already been created.

What Are The Benefits For The Creators?

Reel Mood cares about music and entertainment creators getting what they are worth, in terms of profit, visibility as well as distribution, with an aim to support creators by allowing them to monetize their work adequately as well as directly connecting to their fans using our platform.

What Are The Benefits For The Fans?

Reel Mood offers a virtual stage like never seen before for users to see music artists and entertainers in a live setting. The streaming platform is worldwide, available 24 hours a day with free content as well as high-quality premium content to enjoy.

What Makes Reel Mood Different To Everything Else Out There?

Reel Mood pulls elements from many different forms of media from music to television and merges them into an infrastructure to create something new, fresh, and entertaining to the masses, with an aim to put an exciting spark back into the visual music space.

How To Get Involved With This Platform?

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Reel Mood is a live streaming platform for musicians and entertainers that rewards users and streamers using Blockchain technology |