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Jun 7, 2021

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Updated Token Vesting

On June 7th, we released our full token vesting information.

Due to the push in the delay of the platform by a few weeks and our concern for our investors who bought during the pre sale as well as those who will participate in our public sale, we have decided to change the vesting process slightly for everyone.

According to the Roadmap:

Road Map a/o June 6th, 2021

Reel Mood will perform the public sale during Q3 of 2021. However, by that time, some of the buyers that bought during the token pre-sale token will have their 90 Days Expired.

For example, people that bought tokens in Stages 1,2,3 will have changed vesting of 90 Days for 20% + 10% monthly over 8 months. While people who bought during Stage 4 will only have a 90 Days Lockdown period for all of their tokens.

The price Stage 4 investors bought tokens for doesn't differ too much in price from our public sale and listing prices.

Investors who bought in Stages 1–3 could potentially have a great impact on the price immediately after the listing, as such, we are introducing this revised vesting measure to ensure everyone stays safe.

Investors that bought during Stages 1–3 received between an 80–40% discount on the public sale price and as such, this measure won’t impact their ability to access their assets.

Please keep in mind that the entire market is currently unstable and we are doing our best to ensure Reel Mood stays stable as well.

Thank you for your understanding and if you have any questions regarding your pre-sale order, please reach out to

Please remember that Pre Sale tokens are not released until after the Public Sale.

Thank you for continuing to take this ride with us!

Reel Mood Team!